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What can AI do for you?

Artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds when applied to real-world industry. We’re harnessing its capabilities to model normal machine behavior, automatically detect outliers and save manufacturers tremendous amounts of time and risk.

The Sysmac AI controller can do the following and more:

  • Collect raw high-fidelity data from machines with highest security
  • Store data locally on the machine and create a correlation model
  • Monitor machine features based on that model allowing immediate action

A machine learning approach that you won’t find anywhere else

We know that you prefer to retain control over the hardware components of any productivity-enhancing solution, so we made sure that our AI-enhanced technology would be yours to keep.

Our embedded machine learning solution executes completely on the Edge within our Sysmac Machine Automation Controller, putting all the power of AI on premises with those closest to the machine.


A unique machine learning solution.

Our experts will assist with startup and optimization. No longer will you need to home-grow your analytics and optimization capabilities or pay for remote access to cloud-based infrastructure.

Video Demonstration

Leveraging the machine learning results during production is key to ensuring end user cost savings.

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