The Sysmac Solution is where the core automation components work together to set a solid control foundation for increased performance and future expansion. With OPC-UA and SQL capability, the Sysmac Starter Kits provide everything you need to enable your IIoT deployments

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Minimize integration time and get high-speed, high precision control!

Our all-in-one Sysmac platform is designed to make integration fast and easy. Once it’s up and running, you will benefit from high-precision control at high speeds. Sensor or process data can be collected and transported via OPC-UA or SQL for analysis.

The Starter kits come with the following and more:


NX1_NS5 combo

Controller + HMI

A selection of NX1 OPC-UA/SQL capable controllers paired with the NA5 series HMI, power supply and cable

Sysmac Studio Lite

Single-license Sysmac Studio Lite configuration software

I/O Modules

I/O comes separately from the wide range of NX I/O available

Flexible Solution!

This flexible solution is ideal for the following industries and more:

  • Equipment building
  • Panel building
  • Food & beverage
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor
  • Packaging
  • Petro/chemical
  • Industrial ovens

About our NX1 Automation Controller

NX1 is the next standard in automation control that is IIOT ready and designed to meet many modern manufacturing needs such as:
  • Real-time data traceability
  • Secure information transfer (OPC UA server built-in)
  • Safety integration
  • Quality control
  • Advanced machine control



Sysmac PLatfom

Sysmac is the latest machine automation platform from Omron with integration throughout: from controller to software.

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